Friday, July 25, 2014

fun in the sun | summer baseball

Jordan wrapped up his summer baseball league Tuesday night.
He played two games a week either in Lynden, Ferndale or NW fields.
I am kind of glad it is over so we can be a little less busy in the evenings.
This year they played all the kids up and combined grades 1-4 together.
This meant that instead of using a pitching machine Jordan had
3rd/4th grade boys pitching to him. 

Jordan even got to give pitching a try during one game.
He pitched an entire inning and struck out two batters and didn't hit a single kid!
We were super proud parents!
He loved pitching and really wanted to try it again.
Josh will have to work with him so he is ready next year!


After their last game on Tuesday the team had a little celebration!
They won 8, tied 2 and lost 1 game for the season.
The coach handed out awards along with a goodie bag.
After that they had a huge silly string fight and then pizza!
I took these pictures on my phone! What a fun way to end the season!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

my little farmer boy

I mention quite often how much of a little farmer boy Jordan is.
He is always setting farming sprinklers and such like here.
He loves driving the back roads and checking out all the farming activity.
His face will be glued out the window sometimes craning his head backwards
to watch the sprinklers. He also loves watching them cut the grass across the road 
from my mom's house and watching the raspberry pickers!  He even got the opportunity
a few years ago to ride on a picker at the end the season and work! He 
took it so serious it was super fun to watch. {check out link above}

Tuesday after we picked blueberries the plan was to head over to my
mom's house to swim. As we came down the road he saw that the tractors
were out and he instantly knew he wanted to watch those tractors and 
forget swimming. As soon as we neared the driveway he told me, "you
can drop me off here mom."  I dropped him off at the end of the driveway
and he sat himself down.  Gramma took him out a blanket to sit on. He 
wanted me to sit with him and watch. Oh Lucky me....haha.
It started to sprinkle and he wanted me to roll him in the blanket.
Since he was stuck in the blanket I decided to take advantage 
of the fact he was partially stuck and of course take some pictures!

When he was tired of getting sprinkled on we headed out. We had a little time before
swim lessons so we took the back roads to Edaleen dairy for ice cream. There were also
two baby calves there that we went and said hello to.

Afterwards we still had some more time so we went to the Country store
to check out what tractor toys they had. I was hopefully to get ideas for his birthday.
Instead he ended using money he still had from last years birthday to buy some 
new tractors.  After his swim lessons we went to the John Deere store so 
we could find some more new toys to spend his birthday money on!
He was excited to get home and play.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

fun in the sun | blueberries

Yesterday before the rain moved in my sisters and nephews road
bike to go pick blueberries. Our tradition has been to go pick strawberries
but we totally missed out on that season.  I actually would rather change to
blueberries every year. No crawling in the dirt and I would much rather snack
on blueberries. The bushes were super full and it didn't take long to fill your bucket.

Jordan was more interested in watching the farmers set up their sprinkler in the field
then he was picking blueberries but he still picked his share.

If you want to stick around a little longer check
out the past few summers of picking strawberries!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Northwest raspberry Festival | 3 on 3 tournament

This is Jordan's third year playing in the 3-on-3 tournament here in Lynden
for the raspberry festival.  Josh once again coached Jordan's team.
This year we split our five man boys and girls club team into two teams.

There first game was at 10:00 am.
Our team is sponsored by Curt Maberry so that was also our team name.
On Jordan's team was Oak, Lance and Cooper.
Jordan played a total of 5 games. One of those games
was helping out our other Maberry team so that had a 4th players.
They all played hard and did an awesome job!
We did get Jordan some knee pads right before his first game so we didn't
have any injuries like last year...LOL.

You can check out his past two years here {2013} {2012}

Game 1

Game 2
{with other Maberry team}

Game 3

Game 4
{team Maberry vs. team Maberry}

Game 5