Thursday, October 30, 2014

week in the life {Wednesday}

Our morning routine is pretty much the same.
Wake up and check phone.
I always check the weather too.
I like to know what to expect for the days to come. 


I am finding it hard to come up with new ways to
document. These pictures may look similar to the days past.
Made and ate breakfast, got the dishwasher loaded up with dishes and
started it, got Jordan ready for school and had time to play on the deck with
a ball. He loves throwing/kicking it back and forth to each other until we spot
the bus.

After Jordan got off to school I headed over to Christine's to work out. Quick came home and showered and was right back out the door to head to the school to help put together auction baskets for our school carnival next week. 

Back made my go to salad for lunch. I eat this salad about every day. 

Listening to pandora while I go through Tuesday's pictures. 

Michelle home from school. After her snack I asked her to unload the dishwasher while I washed the dishes in the sink. This did not go over well. Her bad attitude came out so she ended up losing her iPod for the rest of the day. Which led her going up to her room to grump as soon as she was done. Life is rough. 

After Jordan was done with his homework the kids asked if they could go to the shell down the road. I said yes so they would have something to do and I could have a few minutes of quiet. I was a little cranky this afternoon and trying my best to not let it show. They came back with lots of goodies. Jordan got chocolate milk, a caramel apple sucker and a tootsie pop. Michelle got a sprite, chips and gum. 


It was thin time to start dinner.
While the mini chicken pies were in the oven I had Jordan read to me. 

In the mail today we got two new movies The Indian in the Cupboard and Friday Night Lights to watch with the kids this weekend. 

After dinner we all hung out in the living room for a bit watching the World Series game. We are not a baseball watching family but josh and Jordan have enjoyed keeping up with it. While watching the game Josh planned basketball practice for Jordan's team while the kids "played" together until one of them ended crying. This is when I disappeared to go take a bubble bath and read a book. Josh left shortly after with Jordan to coach practice. The gym they were supposed to use wasn't unlocked so they ended going to the Y to practice. 

 When kids were settled in bed Josh and I watched a couple shows. Wednesday night is the night that almost all out shows record. 

Week in the life {Tuesday}

Tuesday is a busy day for me! 
I get to go to my sister's house and watch my nephews for the which I absolutely love! I have to be there at 6:15 so I was up early enough to catch a glimpse of Michelle getting ready for her day. 

Since the boys usually don't wake for about an hour I get a little quiet time to sip my coffee and catch up on facebook.  

My nephew Cohen woke crying. I went on to check on him. He was ready to get up so snuggled him up with his blankets. I left his door partly open and told him to call for me when he was ready to get up. 

A little bit later Ezzy woke up too.
I love the big smiles you get when you first walk in and say good morning. 
 He was a little blinded by the lights so took a few minutes to adjust to those. 

Once out of bed they are ready for breakfast. Ezzy usually runs right for the kitchen and starts pulling stuff out. We decided on scrambled eggs, bacon and bananas to eat. 

After breakfast the boys got in the bath for a little play time. These boys are so cute together and always have each other laughing. 

Once dressed it was time to play! We pulled out the rice for a bit, played cars and trains, read books, pushed things around and around and I even let them jump on mommy's bed. 

After all that jumping we were ready for lunch. For a change of scenery on this wet day we headed to Burger King. The boys ate and ate until all the French fries and chicken nuggets were eaten. We even went to order more chicken nuggets. Ezzy spotted the cookies and they both quickly forgot about the nuggets and wanted a cookie instead. 

 Back in the car we took some rear view selfies. I captured the time and temperature too for my pages later. Ezzy ended up falling asleep on the way. Once home we played for a little bit and then got ready for naps. Cohen actually told me he was ready for a nap haha. 

After school on Tuesdays Michelle rides the bus to my mom's house. She then goes to a friends house to get a ride to bones the youth group at our church. 
She sent me this picture while she was there :)

Once Jordan arrived home I made myself some coffee for a pick me up. He wanted to have a coffee date with me so I made him some hot chocolate. 

Jordan has been into word searches for a while now. He loves to work on them together each of us doing a page. And yes he is in his Jammie's already. He loves to change in to them as soon 
As he can if he knows we have no where to go. Before dinner he worked on his homework. For dinner we had leftovers which was a meat and cheese quesadilla for Jordan. 

Josh came home from work and played a bit with Jordan before heading to the gym. 

Jordan All tucked in and off to dreamland. 

Josh was able to pick up Michelle for me at bones after workout. While he cooked up food to eat I was going through the pictures from the day. Then we snuggled up together to watch shows.