Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fun in the Sun | Semiahmoo Beach

The last week in August the kids start school. 
The day before they started we wanted to take advantage of the
weather and last day of "summer" by going to the beach!
The beach is always nice because everyone enjoys it, plenty of room to spread
out, water to play in and lots to explore!

Fun in the Sun | Softball Nationals

After the kids got to ride in a plane for the Lynden Airport Open house we headed 
down south to catch the second game for the guys! They were in nationals for softball.
There last tournament of the season besides worlds in Vegas!
They ended up losing that game and having another game break so 
we went to grab some dinner at Applebees!
Then it was back to the fields for one more game which they won!
This ment we had to find a hotel because they played the next morning!
Unfortunately they were one and done on Sunday. We drove home
and still got to enjoy part of the day at home!

Friday, September 12, 2014

fun in the sun | camping at Silver Lake

For my dad's 60th birthday he wanted the whole family 
to go camping. We were going to get cabins at Silver Lake but they 
were already full. We decided to go actually real camping in a tent!
We have only done this once before when Michelle was little. I was
up for the adventure and knew a weekend was the perfect length
of time for us!  We left around 3 'o clock Friday to get there at
a decent time to set up camp! We borrowed a tent from our neighbor
since we do not own one. Since we had so much stuff
we ended up having to take two cars!
The kids spent the evening exploring, playing with
cousins, riding bikes and sitting around the fire!

The next morning the men were going to go fishing. My dad had to 
bring the boat over from the boat launch so we all awaited his arrival!
 He was going to take the younger boys out for a ride first.
The rest of the day was spent hanging out around the campsites!

In the afternoon we did walk down with the kids to the playground so they
could get out some energy! Josiah and Jordan loved going down the big hill on
their bikes and all the boys loved jumping into the lake!


Sunday morning we relaxed around the fire and ate breakfast before another fish group
went out. This time Jordan got to go out and he caught his first fish! He was 
excited to go around and show everyone. He even watched grampa clean it...yuck.

We attempted some family pictures before we all started off for home.
We stayed around long enough to eat some lunch and of course s'mores!

It was a super fun weekend and would love to make it into a yearly thing!