Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ball season

We have started up this week into full swing baseball/softball season.
This year we have added Michelle into the mix!
Our week is busy with no one ever home for dinner except Wednesday
and maybe Friday. As soon as the last kiddo is out the door at 5:30 we kick
into get ready mood and head out the door and haven't been getting back until
about 8:00 from the kids games. Our schedule looks like this.

Josh has practice once a week, league will start soon on Mondays
 and then either one or two day tournament several weekends a month always down south. 
On top of that he started a new workout class to help get him in shape for the upcoming season. 
This class is after work M, Tu, and Thursday. 

Jordan has games Tuesday night and Saturday along with a practice Thursday.

Michelle has two games a week on either on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday
 with a practice during the week usually Friday.
Her games are not just in Lynden but around Whatcom County.

 Both kids are so far excited to be playing
and did very well at their first games! Jordan is on pitching machines this year.
They are not doing balls, strikes and outs though. And each team goes through
their entire line up before switching sides and playing defense. 

Michelle is getting a lot more playing time then she did for the 7th grade team in the fall.
They had no cuts so the team was huge. She only got to bat once and play in the field once
during a two hour game.  Now she is always playing and gets to try out other positions.
Monday she played shortstop, first and outfield. She walked her three times at bat and
one inning stole every base until she scored :)

I am excited to watch the kids play through the coming weeks and hopefully make it to 
a few of Josh's tournaments.  Hopefully the sun will continue to shine for days at a time!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring break simple moments

Spring break has come to an end.
Tomorrow the kids go back to school.
I tried to make the most of everyday.
I planned activities we have never done or
I have been wanting to do for a while.
It was kind of like we had a little staycation.
Here are some of my favorite simple moments from the week.

Monday we went to a local field full of daffodils to pick some
{post full of pictures here}

Tuesday Jordan had baseball camp for the day and
I took Michelle and friends to divergent and menchies
{post full of picture here}

Wednesday Jordan has his friend/class mate over for his first friend sleepover.
We went to a local bouncy house place where they bounced the day away.
{post full of pictures here}

Thursday we road our city bus to go get lunch and play around at the mall.
{post of full pictures here}

Friday we had younger nephews over and went for donuts
{view post full of pictures here}

Saturday Michelle and I  returned to Bellingham again to go shopping at Costco
and Walmart. Jordan got to hang out at my parents house. Josh was down south for an 
all day softball tournament. He left at five in the morning and didn't return until after midnight.
We decided not to go along because it was supposed to pour all day.
That evening we watched movies. Michelle and I had picked up birthday cake pops and
then we saw that DQ had birthday cake blizzards so got two mini blizzards too.

Today we slept in, had a big brunch, played outside, went to an one year old birthday party
and now everyone is vegging out. The kids are playing minecraft together {that is amazing}, 
Josh is taking a late cat nap and I am writing up this post. It was a super busy week but also a lot of fun.

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Spring Break day five {Lynden tourism}

Friday had my two younger nephews while my sister worked.
I had already planned out that we would go for donuts at the Lynden
Dutch Bakery. Afterwards I wanted to walk down to the windmill which is called
the dutch village mall to look at the fish. Our poor little "mall" has nothing in it right now except a
restaurant. This is also very nice because the kids can walk all around and not
worry about them getting into stuff. 
Along the way to the way we stopped into an used book store to look for
Bad kitty or Magic tree house books for Jordan. 

When we got back we played toys and I showed Cohen how to make 
a monkey tree. He loved hanging the monkeys on the tree. 
Michelle was even around to get some cousin love in too.

That afternoon Michelle went to a movie with my parents while the 
kiddos napped. Jordan was snuggled up by me on the couch barely staying awake.
At one point he feel asleep for about 5 minutes before he woke up with a jerk.
He told me he was dreaming about riding his bike. He ended going over a cliff 
and he jumped off his bike and that is what woke him up.
After Michelle got back from the movie Jordan went to spend the night.
Michelle had plans to go roller skating that night with some friends.

Spring break day four {city bus ride}

Wednesday night I asked the bus if they wanted to ride the city bus the next day.
They of course said Yes! This is something Jordan has wanted to do since he was 3.
I knew I wanted to make it happen this Spring break. I asked if they wanted to
ride in Lynden or go all the way to Bellingham. They wanted to go all the way to 
Bellingham and have lunch at Mcdonalds with the big play area! I checked out the
schedule and off we headed on an adventure. 

After lunch and playing at McDonalds we headed back over to mall where
the bus would pick us up to get us back to Lynden. We still had some time so they played in the
kid play area for a while then we went to a game place called Tilt. I had brought a bag full of 
quarters for us to play with! They played mainly skeeball until all the quarters were gone. They 
each picked out a prize with their tickets and we headed to the bus stop.

When we got back we went and picked another friend/class mate of Jordan's to play.
Michelle also had a friend over. Since both Jordan and Michelle had
baseball practice that night I took all 5 kids to Milts pizza for dinner.
I brought more quarters with us so they could play the games there as well.

It was a super fun day but I was very tired by the end of it.
Luckily I was able to get a little quiet time with the kids gone.