Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fun in the sun | Ferndale 3 on 3 tournament

They had to play up in the 3rd grade division but still played their hearts out.
It was a hot day few a long break in between but they still brought it.

Fun in the Sun | Cultus Lake water Park

The last Thursday in July Josh took the day off and we went as a family
to the Cultus Lake Water Park! We had a much needed electronic free family 
time together! Michelle is turning into quite the thrill seeker like Josh and they did every 
single ride. Jordan is try's his best to keep up and played the hardest today out of everyone!

Fun in the Sun | Larrabee

Last year {2013} we made a trip out to Larrabee and the kids loved it.
It is a beach off of Samish bay in Bellingham. There are lots of tide pools 
to explore, rocks to climb and water to swim in! A couple Tuesdays
ago we made the trip again and the kids had just as much fun.