Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day | 2015

Well the night is winding down and I just finished most of my Christmas shopping
online!! Just need a few more things here and there along with stocking stuffers.
Before I signed off I wanted to quickly blog our day! 
With the holiday season here I 
am excited to keep the blog up to date with our memories!

Jordan and Josh left about 9 to go play flag football at the high school.
While they were gone I cleaned house, got ready and prepped the
food we were taking. I always choose easy things since I am not much
of a cook. This year while I put together the turkey cheese plate I gave
the green bean casserole over to Michelle. It will now be here yearly
tradition to make it!

Once we were all showered and ready to go we headed to my parents.
We had a relaxing time visiting, watching football, the older kiddos
played great and I had my little buddy Ezzy by my side most of the day.

I am so incredibly thankful for my family.
That are pretty awesome!
Thanks mom and dad for hosting us all!

Bring on Christmas decorating tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The post where I play catch up {October}

Thanks to my lap top slowly dying for months blogging went with it.
We recently got a new Mac computer so I am hoping to keep up
with the rest of the year and maybe even get around to some back post catch up.

We will start with October since it is the most recent. 
Highlights of October were flag football games,
apple picking, finally in a school groove, high school football games for Michelle, 
haunted house again for Michelle with her friends and Halloween!

I will leave you the few photos I took.
I have not been very good about taking day to day photos
on my camera or iPhone at all.
Hoping the holidays will help with that!

Lets start with flag football.
Josh coached Jordan's team for the 3rd year in row.
There team name was Navy Hawks.
This was the first year they could have a kid play quarterback.
Jordan took turns with a few other boys at quarterback.
He loved that spot!
He even scored several running touchdowns!

He also loves playing toss every morning with either
Josh or I as he waits for the bus.

In the middle of October they had an early release day so his buddy Tyler
got to come over and hang out. We met up with Jana and the boys to pick 
apples at Bellewoods and play. 

 And last was Halloween!
We actually waited until the last minute and 
carved our pumpkin on Halloween!