Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back to school

I am going to start blogging on my phone as a way to keep blogging on a regular basis. My computer is about dead to me. I need to get my pictures off it before it takes it finally breathes and croaks on me. We will see how this works and do plan to get out summer on the blog as well! 

Today is the day summer is coming to an end and the kids go back to school! The weather is full on pouring to remind me fall is upon us. I love summer like it is my happy time of the year. There's not much I look forward to about fall besides getting back into a routine. I had to babysit this morning so we got everything ready to go last night...lunches made, papers signed, backpacks packed, and Jordan's clothes all laid out. I won't get to be apart of his first day send off for the first time but I know Josh is able to handle it...just hard. I did get to see Michelle before she headed off to the bus stop. Since I know the first day of school is no time to get good pics I took both the kids out individually to take some back to school pictures. I wanted to take them again to do some together ones but we will wait a bit for that. Took bribery just to do the first round. Jordan is easier with a kids meal and mini blizzard from DQ. Michelle required makeup and ice cream but totally worth it to me. 

First off is Michelle who is a freshman this year in high school!! Man time is going fast! Need to start a graduation board on will be here way before I am ready!! Michelle was excited for school but a little nervous about finding all her classes. She texted me wishing she had worn a coat! She has to walk outside to go from class to class! Hope she remembers that in the future fall days to come! 

Jordan is off to 3rd grade. As of early this morning he was not excited at all. He is getting to that age were he realizes school is not all coloring and blocks lol. He got to go meet his teacher yesterday and take all his supplies. They find their desk, see who sits around them and bring home the first load of paperwork. I was excited to find out Jordan got the teacher I was hoping for Mr. De Mann. I really hope he has a better start this year then last. 

Here's to getting into the new busy season that is back to school time! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer bucketlist | u-pick strawberries

Every year after school is officially out and summer break has begun
one of our first bucket list items is to go pick strawberries!! The weather
has already been amazing here so the season was on its last few days when we went.
That is fine for us because we just take all the cousins for the experience.
Since the last day for u-pick we were free to go anywhere we wanted.
We set the kids loose to pick.
Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at the little playground there.
I love this yearly tradition!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer bucket list | summer schedule and organization

Now that the kids are getting older it is time
to add a little more to our summer plans.
Normally I have our summer bucket list printed up but
I am the only one to see it. This year I wanted to have it up
so they could help choice what we will doing that week.
You can check out the list I am made here.
We may or may not get to it all.
I also came up with daily chores (nothing to crazy)
and a summer schedule more for Jordan and I.
I strive on having a schedule to follow and a to do list.
For some reason seeing it helps me!
I have been letting Jordan know for weeks now that his
summer is not going to be sitting in front of the tv playing Minecraft.
I am hoping having the schedule he can see what he needs to be
doing and will keep us busy enough there is no "I'm bored"
I am not a real crazy though.
This is flexible.
If it is a yucky day I am totally fine with lounging in pjs
and having a movie day or lazy day as Jordan says.
Michelle is included in this too.
She may be a teenager but she still has to
hang out with us occasionally.
She enjoys going along with a friend to the lake with us.
I did make her get a summer job working on the raspberry picker.
That will keep her very busy for about a month.
I won't be making her have quiet time in her room though.
She already does that on her own lol.
Here's how I put together our summer spot.
First I made magnets to hold each days activities.
The magnets were not sticking good at all so I don't
go buy some crazy glue to help them stay on the clothes pins.
I then we through all my project life cards
and picked out some journaling cards that would work good!
The two smaller cards I filled with the kids daily chores.
The two bigger ones I wrote down our daily schedule.
I have two schedules one for at home/library days
and another is for our field trip days when we spend the
day out and about!

I filled in a bunch with items off our summer bucket list.

I then took all that and displayed it on our fridge where
everyone can see it! Hopefully this will help
us have a productive but fun summer with less
I am bored or whining because can't play video games all day.

Today is the last day of school and
we are more then ready to jump right into summer!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fun in the Sun | Summer bucket list

 I am so excited to start planning summer fun!
I love everything about summer!
For the past few years I have been making
a list of fun things I want to do with the kids and as a family.
A lot of the things are simple summer musts and some are traditional things we do each year!
While we may not get to everything it is fun to have a go to list!

I also put together a daily schedule to help guide us through the day.
I strive with lists, to dos and a routine.
But that is a whole other post when I get it finalized.

Family Football Fest at Link Field
Summer regional for Josh's work at Suncadia Resort  again this year {2012}
evening BBQ roast marshmallows on the beach or river
real camping at Silver Lake with the family {2014}
Go to a Seattle Mariner Game
many BBQ's with family and friends
have a cousin sleepover in a tent in the yard
fondue night
family bike rides in the evening
summer baseball league {Jordan} {2014}
do sparklers at the beach
3-on-3 basketball tournaments {Jordan}

Everson {2014}
razz fest {2014} {2013} {2012}
Ferndale 3-on-3 {2014}
Celebrate the 4th of July with family and friends {2010}{2013} {2014}
Summer Movie Express starts 6/24
take spray bottles of colored water to beach or in yard
try at least one new restaurant or bakery
Lets kids plan the entire day
library reading program
play dates with friends
Send a postcard to someone from a place we visit
Set up balloons or targets in yard to shoot nerf guns at
many bike rides to Edaleen for ice cream
Play in big sprinkler at bender
get ice cream from the Sugar Shack Ice Cream Truck
pic or list scavenger hunt walk
Go to the Northwest Washington Fair {2012}{2013} {2014}
Lynden Airport Open house {2014}
Let kids ride bike to gas station for a treat
watermania in Canada
go to the skating rink on a rainy day
Go to Birch Bay! We will play, explore, and have a picnic lunch! {2012} {2013}
Take kids to Castle fun park in Canada for mini golf and more {2012} {2013}
pool in the yard with slide going into it {2010} {2013}
Day trip to Forest Park
Weekend "camping" trips to the Glen
the museum of Flight in Seattle
Picnic lunches in the yard
layout in the yard and read a book
lots of playing in the creek by our house {2012}
go to lake Samish is a must! This was the kids favorite spot last year {2013} {2014}
continue swim lessons for Jordan {2013} {2014}

go get a donuts for breakfast {2013}
Go to local parks old and new
Water slides at Birch bay
Eat lots and lots ice cream!!
U pick strawberries {2010} {2012} {2013}
Bowling at Mt. Baker lanes with Kids bowl free
Day trip to Jetty Island

Larrabee beach {2013} {2014}
Lake Padden {2013} {2014}
Semiahmoo {2013} {2014}
U pick blueberries {2014}
Enjoy my children
kids lemonade stand
Michelle, Cohen, Ezra and Jordan's BIRTHDAYS
treasure hunt around the neighborhood with clues for surprise
slip n slide both big and small
Cultus Lake Water Slides {2014}

let kids plan, shop for and cook dinner
fly kites at bender or birch bay
messy play in the yard
make sponge balls
Take a picnic lunch to dad at work or meet at a nearby park
Take an "Alphabet tour" around town on our bikes.
{We will bring cameras, journals and an idea list}
Make an I am bored jar
date night with the kids
take fun sunset pictures at Birchbay
visit Tennant Lake Park {2014}
family hike or two
{Scenic Chuckanut Drive}
check out a Bells baseball game on Family Fun Sunday
weekend softball tournament for Pioneer Days with Josh {2012}{2013} {2014}

spray bubbles with spray bottles {2012}
summer date nights with Josh
wine tasting cruises
Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema
Make ice cream in a bag
home made Popsicles
easy peasy banana treats
make donuts
Tie Dye - shirts, tank tops or pillowcases
Tennis- get out with rackets and balls and try our hand at tennis
Egg drop- have kids take an egg and create a safe box for them.
Then take them to Hovander Park and do an egg drop from tower.
Horseback Riding
Have a Bonfire- at river or beach and roast hot dogs/s'mores
Throw a Dart or blind and twirl with a dot marker on a Map and go there
 - use a local map from Lynden or Bellingham
sing loudly with the car windows down
Whip Cream Fight
have the kids help wash the cars
and so many more ideas I have!!

You can check out my summer fun board on pinterest
or past few years of fun in the sun lists for more ideas!

Other ideas we have done in the past but won't do this year
Spend the day at the Seattle zoo {2014}
Century Link Field Tour
Take kids up in the space needle {2014}
Take advantage of a free month at Perch and Play
spray bubbles with spray bottles {2012}