Monday, November 24, 2014

Project Life Monday Link up | Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of Project Life Monday Link Up.

  A HUGE thank you to those who linked up last week!
I had a better turn out then I thought I loved checking out
your pages. I hope you enjoyed linking up and seeing what others
are doing too! I hoping each week to get a few more people
joining us to really get this party going!

Just wanted to share a few ideas I came across that I loved
and actually pinned to pinterest for future use!

Sian at Hey There.... shared her week 34 and I love
this filler card she created.  It is so simple but so fun and
I am just drawn to it! I love how the doily really pops against the bright stripes!


Sue from The Making Table shared some catch up pages she is working on!
I too am trying to play the catch up game so I loved her month in review card.

I am super excited to
keep this going and in the new year start sharing real pages
but for now I am still keeping up to date with the project life app!
I am also slowly starting on my December Daily album.
This is my year doing one and I am super excited for it.
I will for sure share pics through out the month which
I am hope you guys do too!
Here is my week!

Thank you so much stopping by Day to Day.
I am so glad you came by.
I so love that you are here and especially for your comments.
They really make my day!
If you have a question please leave it here, and I'll answer it in the comments.
You can also email me at daytodaydesignsbykd at gmail dot com.
Hope to see you again soon!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Project Life Monday Link Up | Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of Project Life Monday Link Up.

  This is my first time ever hosting and working with a link up so please let me know if not working for you or if any problems! 
am super excited to be hosting this each week and to check out each of your links!

Right now I am super behind but trying to keep up with
it by using the Project Life app!
What a life saver.
I am been super inspired by everyone's posts
on the facebook pages I follow so hoping to get
all my supplies out soon and get to back into it!
Here is my week!

Thank you so much stopping by Day to Day.
I am so glad you came by.
I so love that you are here and especially for your comments.
They really make my day!
If you have a question please leave it here, and I'll answer it in the comments.
You can also email me at daytodaydesignsbykd at gmail dot com.
Hope to see you again soon!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Project life Monday link up | Intro


 I absolutely love following several groups on facebook
I love seeing what others are working on, their pages, their tips and questions
and all their amazing ideas!  It gives my the itch to get all my stuff out 
{or go shop} and get crafty! I also love browsing Pinterest for inspiration!
Check out my board here for ideas!
The other day I commented on the Facebook groups asking if anyone knew
of any link up parties for sharing pages, ideas ect.  I didn't get much of response
of such a thing out there. I thought what better way to help me stay update
and get more ideas at my fingertips then by starting my own weekly link up party!
That is how Project Life Monday Link Up was born!
I will be hosting my first Monday link up on this upcoming Monday, November 17th!
I hope many of you will join me in linking up!

There are a few simple "rules"
Please consider sharing this party on
facebook, twitter, google+ or pinterest.

Link up to your post, not your main blog.
{No etsy shops, giveaways or business links, please.}

Visit other links, leave some love,
& most of all have fun!

Feel free to grab my button on the right side.

Also by linking up you are giving me permission to share your
post in next week's link up or on pinterest! 
Each week I would like to feature a couple of your posts that you share!
If you would like guest post any tips, how tos or anything project life themed please e-mail me
at daytodaydesignsbykd at gmail dot come.  I would love to feature you!
Please leave comment below with your blog address and if you will be back Monday to link up!
I would love to check out your blogs!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Digital Project life | Halloween

I am so far behind on blogging that I am far beyond catching up. I am just going to pick up where we are now and let the rest go. Easier said then done for haha.  As some of you know I use project life to "scrapbook" our family photo albums. Like every year since I started three years I am way behind in them. But in September they came out with a project life app!!! I can now make pages right on my phone anywhere or anytime! So that is how I am trying to keep up with the end of the year! Here are a couple weeks worth of pages!
When I put together my pages I go Monday to Sunday because I like to keep the weekend happenings together!

Halloween day!

Week of November 3rd to 9th

Monday, November 3, 2014

week in the life {Thursday}

Today is a new day!
I declared it my relax and recover day!
I woke up again before my alarm.
Jordan actually slept in until 7:30 after a later then
usual night for him at basketball practice.
I laid around in bed for a bit until I heard him.
He wanted left over French toast from yesterday morning
and chocolate milk he got at the store. He didn't end up eating to
much. He did his usual get ready for school routine and
enjoyed watching the garbage truck out the front window.
 He loves cleaning off the table and taking
out the garbage so he helped me do that this morning.
He also loves playing mommy bank with me.
He will count out his coins and trade them in for nickels, dimes, quarters
and sometimes even dollars.
He almost missed the bus this morning but was
able to run and catch up with it at the next stop.
I finished up my cleaning by vacuuming and putting all the chairs back.
Then it was time to R & R.
Normally I would work out but we can going to do two tomorrow!
I headed upstairs with the plan to catch up blogging and going through
the pictures from the past few days that I haven't had time to do.
 While in the bathroom brushed my teeth I saw my collection
of face masks and decided to use one. I of course picked the one
that had the word relaxation it.

Not to many pictures of my time since it was just me on my computer.
I did take a lunch break and then right back to work.
It feels nice to be caught up. I am actually typing up this blog
right now at 1:47pm. Figured I could have half the day done and do
the other half tonight!
I have an hour before Michelle comes home so I am going to read my book
A Good Woman by Danielle Steel that I started last night in the bath. It is
quite relaxing to listen to the rain snuggled up in my favorite blanket with a
few candles burning. I really need this time to refresh.

Michelle needed to type up a paper for school.
Can you ever have to many electronics going at
When Jordan came in after school he complained of a headache.
He asked me to make him a bed on the couch.
He felt a little warm so I got him cozy and he ended up sleeping for an hour.
I am not a huge cook. It is not something I really enjoy but do it so we
eat each day. Tonight was one of those nights where I just wasn't coming up
with anything so Michelle wanted to make pancakes.
Jordan still wasn't feeling a 100% and asked for two toaster waffles.
That was our dinner.
After dinner Jordan worked on his homework.
When daddy came home he was happy to snuggle up
and watch Thursday night football.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

week in the life {Wednesday}

Our morning routine is pretty much the same.
Wake up and check phone.
I always check the weather too.
I like to know what to expect for the days to come. 


I am finding it hard to come up with new ways to
document. These pictures may look similar to the days past.
Made and ate breakfast, got the dishwasher loaded up with dishes and
started it, got Jordan ready for school and had time to play on the deck with
a ball. He loves throwing/kicking it back and forth to each other until we spot
the bus.

After Jordan got off to school I headed over to Christine's to work out. Quick came home and showered and was right back out the door to head to the school to help put together auction baskets for our school carnival next week. 

Back made my go to salad for lunch. I eat this salad about every day. 

Listening to pandora while I go through Tuesday's pictures. 

Michelle home from school. After her snack I asked her to unload the dishwasher while I washed the dishes in the sink. This did not go over well. Her bad attitude came out so she ended up losing her iPod for the rest of the day. Which led her going up to her room to grump as soon as she was done. Life is rough. 

After Jordan was done with his homework the kids asked if they could go to the shell down the road. I said yes so they would have something to do and I could have a few minutes of quiet. I was a little cranky this afternoon and trying my best to not let it show. They came back with lots of goodies. Jordan got chocolate milk, a caramel apple sucker and a tootsie pop. Michelle got a sprite, chips and gum. 


It was thin time to start dinner.
While the mini chicken pies were in the oven I had Jordan read to me. 

In the mail today we got two new movies The Indian in the Cupboard and Friday Night Lights to watch with the kids this weekend. 

After dinner we all hung out in the living room for a bit watching the World Series game. We are not a baseball watching family but josh and Jordan have enjoyed keeping up with it. While watching the game Josh planned basketball practice for Jordan's team while the kids "played" together until one of them ended crying. This is when I disappeared to go take a bubble bath and read a book. Josh left shortly after with Jordan to coach practice. The gym they were supposed to use wasn't unlocked so they ended going to the Y to practice. 

 When kids were settled in bed Josh and I watched a couple shows. Wednesday night is the night that almost all out shows record.